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Classification of Industrial NozzleIndustrial nozzle is mostly installed in the spray waer, spray oil, injection, sand blasting, spraying and other equipnts, it plays different roles in different equipnts, widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, tallurgy, electronics, cent, food, paper, printing, livestock and other industries. Industrial nozzle includes industrial burners and mon industrial nozzle o categories. And general industrial nozzle is divided into the following categories: 1. Aording to different materials, it can be divided into: tal nozzle, plastic nozzles, ceramic nozzle, and alloy nozzle; 2. Aording to different spray apes, it can be divided into the conical nozzle, square nozzle, the nozzle of rectangular, oval-aped nozzle, fan-aped nozzle flow column (DC) nozzles, other than the latter o nozzles, they contains both solid and hollow nozzles; Aording to the fluid nature, it can be divided into single (a) fluid nozzle and dual (b) fluid nozzle and multi-fluid nozzle; Aording to different applied industries, it can be divided into petrochemical nozzles, agricultural nozzles can be divided into , textile nozzles, nozzle of paper, printing nozzle, environntal protection (desulfurization, denitrification, nitrogen removal, dust, etc.) nozzles, steel tallurgy nozzle, coking nozzle, electronic nozzle, food nozzles, etc.; Aording to different spraying dias, it can be divided into water nozzle , oil nozzle, the powder nozzle, gas nozzle, mixed-dia nozzle, CWS nozzle (such as Texo, four nozzles).Classification of Atomizing NozzleGenerally, there are totally o kinds of atomizing nozzles: First, fine atomizing nozzle. This kind of nozzle has so special features. It can work without the use of pressed air; it can have very fine atomized spray only use the hydraulic pressure. Very small particles can form a mist spray effect. It is wall mounting type, can be installed in external walls, vessels and piping. A variety of nozzles are removable, convenient and easy to clean and install. The majority of the nozzles have built-in filters. Second, Air atomizing nozzle requires a single air source to provide atomizing air. So models are equipped with automatic cylinder or clear or drying needle, an additional air channel is needed. All models require flow channels. The flow channel through the supercharger equipped with a siphon to transfer or gravity delivery device for the transmission of the liquid. The function of the fine mist, spray and the air atomizing nozzles is the sa, that’s to produce very fine atomization effect. Applications of Flat Fan NozzleThe flat fan nozzle is also widely used in daily manufturing processing. Such as the cleaning of tal processing, spray coating, spray cooling, remove grease stains, plating line rinse, and agricultural products; cleaning of spraying and cooling applications such as food, steel, paper and other industries; cleaning of printed circuit boards, display, film and etching process, the rain test, spray cooling, semiconductor cleaning, CPT glass bulb cleaning, LCD glass cutting and cleaning.This article is e from:http:www.chinawoodenflooring.index.phpvarious-industrial-spray-nozzles. — Folks don’t simply observe porn, thousands of people from all over the world have bee addicted with it. It’s not only one group, both people have allow it take over their lives. This really is anything which has the possible to ruin relationips plus create the affected individual pletely unsociable. 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