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There are two types of questions: more obvious sports trivia questions and obscure sports trivia questions. For exampleKareem Martin Jerseys, an obscure sports trivia question would be something like: Who finished second in the Master’s Golf Tournament in 2001? The answer is Ernie Els. Only diehard golf fans or sports trivia buffs would know this answer. A more obvious question would be something like: Who is the NFL’s all-time leading rusher? The answer is Emmitt Smith. Most NFL fans would know the answer to this question. There are thousands and possibly millions of obscure questions but not nearly as many obvious questions. So let’s take a look at some of the obvious questions for the major sports: football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. For all of these sports the records can be broken down by game records, season records and career records. The major records for NFL football are passing, rushing, and receiving records. Here are three examples of the major ones: Who holds the record for most touchdown passes in a career? Dan Marino, 420 Who holds the record for most passing yards in a career? Dan MarinoKareem Martin Jersey, 61,361 Who holds the record for most touchdowns caught in a career? Jerry Rice, 197 The major records for basketball are points scored and rebounds. Here are two major records: Who holds the record for most points in a season? Wilt Chamberlain, 4029 Who holds the record for most rebounds in a game? Wilt Chamberlain, 2,149 The major records for baseball generally deal with batting and pitching. The major categories for batting are batting average, hits, RBITroy Niklas Cardinals Jersey, and homeruns. Here are two examples of major batting records: Who holds the record for most hits in a season? Ichiro Suzuki, 262 Who holds the record for most homeruns in a career? Hank Aaron, 755 Generally the biggest pitching records deal with wins, saves, strikeouts, and earned run average (ERA). Here are two examples of major pitching records: Who holds the record for most strikeouts in a game? Tom Cheney, 21 (16 innings pitched in an extra inning game) Who holds the record for most wins in a season? Old Hoss Radbourn, 59 For hockey the major records revolve around goals scoredAuthentic Troy Niklas Jersey, points, assists, and saves. Here are a couple examples: Who holds the record for goals in a season? Wayne Gretzky, 92 Who holds the record for most shutouts in a career? Terry Sawchuk, 103 There are also many records for teams in all sports. However, most sports trivia questions are based on individual records. Some records won’t last for long, while other records may fall very soon. We just saw the record for most touchdowns in a season fall when LaDanian Tomlinson shattered the old record. We also saw Peyton Manning set the record for most touchdown passes in a season. This coming season Brett Favre may set a new record for touchdown passes in a career. In baseball Barry Bonds is closing in on Hank Aaron’s homerun record. However, the record for most wins in a season will probably never be broken. There are all types of sports trivia questions that can be asked and there are many more sports that can be included. To know many of the answers a person would have to be a sports fan and a bit of a history buff.Basketball fans across the country and around the world have been lining up for Chicago Bulls tickets for a number of years now. Most fans came to see the magic of players like Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen while some others just came to see some really greatTroy Niklas Elite Jersey, all-round basketball. Even though they have not raked in an as many championship wins as the Boston Celtics, the Bulls are often seen as a championship team. The Chicago Bulls are located in Chicago, Illinois and their home arena is the United Center. The team plays in the National Basketball Association and is also affiliated with the Central Division and Eastern Conference. The Bulls have six championship wins to its name as well as 6 conference wins and 7 division titles. Early Misses Many basketball enthusiasts maintain that Chicago Bulls basketball and the popularity of Chicago Bulls tickets only happened after the arrival of Michael Jordan. This may in fact be true, as the Bulls got off to a good start but failed to do anything beyond that. Formed in 1966, the team played solidly but couldn’t seem to make it to the finals. Instead of picking up speed, the team began to dip and by the early eighties, the Bulls were firmly entrenched in the cellar of the NBA. Things may in fact have gone very differently for the Bulls as early as 1979. The tale has since gone down in NBA history and relates how the Bulls lost a coin toss in order to choose first pick of the NBA draft. If the Bulls had won the toss, they would have chosen basketball icon Magic Johnson. Enter Jordan The Bulls may have missed out on the Johnson magic but they did manage to snag another sensational basketball legend. Michael Jordan joined the Bulls in 1984 and after that the Bulls were never really the same. Jordan’s playing was so spectacular that it promoted another basketball legend Larry Bird to say that Jordan was ‘ ‘God disguised as Michael Jordan’. The Bulls skyrocketed to the very top of the NBA and so did sales of Chicago Bulls tickets. By the ninetiesWomens Troy Niklas Jersey, they had a line up that gave the Bulls the best record in NBA history of 72-10. The line-up was a deadly one, featuring basketball greats like Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. By 1998 however, it was obvious that the team was getting old- in a shocking decision, it was decided that the Bulls would be dismantled and rebuilt. Rodman was not re-signed and Jordan retired- this marked the beginning of five bad years for the Bulls. It wouldn’t be till about 2004 that the team would start showing glimmers of its former brilliance. Chicago Bulls tickets have always sold well, mainly for the games in which the Bulls play their rivals the Detroit Pistons.

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